Additional services

The choice is yours!

Choice and control

McKenzie Choice+ Additional Services offering gives the resident and their families the choice and control over the little extras in life.

We understand how important it is for you to continue to live life on your terms. Retaining the ability to make your own decisions and choices contributes to better health and wellbeing, mentally and physically.

No obligation

When you choose to live at a McKenzie home, you’re choosing a greater quality of life. Which is why we have developed McKenzie Choice+ Additional Services. Choice+ places you in control over the little comforts in life that make you feel happy, healthy and empowered.

McKenzie Choice+ packages have been designed to offer you a range of entertainment and lifestyle services that will enhance your experience. You can choose from our Choice+ Standard or Choice+ Premium offerings, and whichever you choose, there are more choices within!

Additional Services are provided to enhance your stay in aged care by offering you the choice to purchase additional entertainment, lifestyle, and other luxury comforts. The cost of additional services varies for each resident, depending on the choice of products, services or packages being purchased.
Additional services fees are in addition to those covered by the basic daily care fee.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.